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PRESS RELEASE – Relkin Law Tackles HAAS v ROMNEY/ eToys Cases

The New York firm of DAVID H. RELKIN Law Agrees to represent Laser Haas &

his CLI entity: Concerning eToys massive frauds and HAAS v ROMNEY RICO

David H. Relkin agrees to be retained by Laser Haas to address the issues of fraudulent conveyances, conspiracy to defraud and intentional frauds on the courts issues in the New York Supreme Court case of eToys (ebc1) v. Goldman Sachs, the Kay Bee and eToys Bankruptcy cases in Delaware, The Learning Company merger with Mattel Toys (billions lost) and the HAAS v ROMNEY et., al. Racketeering case filed in Los Angeles (# 2:13-cv-7738)

Disturbing Matters of Incompetency and/or Fed Venality

In 2001 Laser and his Collateral Logistics, Inc., (“CLI”) firm halted the cheap sale of to Bain Capital/ Kay Bee for $5.4 million; and did then compel bids of tens of millions.


Laser didn’t know that the Debtor & Creditor’s counsel and their hand-picked CEO, were secretly linked to Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs. This deception harmed Kay Bee and eToys bankruptcies in the hundreds of millions. And also corrupted the New York Supreme Court case of ebc1 (eToys) v Goldman Sachs.

Several parties confessed to bogus affidavits and got off easy!

Due to the Wall Street firms being too big to even investigate, much less prosecute, major frauds sprouted up and grew across the country. Including the Tom Petters Ponzi and Marc Dreier frauds that are directly linked to the eToys cases.


David Relkin’s Legal Experience

Having been betrayed by other “good ole boys” lawyers in the past, it took Laser a while to find a counsel smart enough and honorable enough, with considerable moxie. David Relkin began as a New York prosecutor and then gained experiences in bankruptcy, RICO, complex commercial litigations and fraudulent conveyances. Upon detailed review, Relkin Law sees that Laser and Collateral Logistics, Inc. (CLI) are noticeably entitled to considerable compensation, of millions of dollars, for ample contributions and losing his company/career as a result of whistleblowing.



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